Miles Talbott Is Growing In High Point

5:54 PM, Aug 9, 2011   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- The Triad has been hit hard in the past several years by losses of textile and furniture manufacturing.

We found a furniture company that's getting ready to hire.

"It's a country with 300-million people and we are happy to service a few percent of those each year," said George Jordan, president of Miles Talbott.

For almost 20 years, the folks at Miles Talbott have offered you a place to get comfortable.

"Chairs are our number one item," said Jordan. "Anything that is covered in fabric and leather we address it to the market place"

For this company home is where the heart is. "We just couldn't see a model overseas where you do custom furniture," Jordan said.

So they said no to off-shore opportunities and continued to make their product here, in the furniture capital of the world.  "Slowly and surely things are coming back over here because people want to have more control over their supply chain."

That chain reaction can be felt all over the Triad. Jordan told us, 
"over 80% of the fabric that we have introduced over the last three years are made domestically." Specifically, Glenn Raven of Burlington. 

"When a company like miles Talbott grows in the market place than our suppliers will also see that benefit as well," said Jordan. "Our furniture is built to last." All built by a workforce of just over 70. 

Customer have billions of options, but it's not quantity that matters most. "Good customer service, good shipping, and a value product thats made in the United States continues to be a great story today and the near horizon."

While Miles Talbott can't single handily bring High Point back to the 1980's numbers, they now that one company and one hire at a time their impact is making a difference. "The growth story at miles Talbott will continue to be something thats positive not only for us obviously but for the High Point labor market as well," Jordan said.

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