WFU Researchers Develop Technology To Keep Phones Charged

11:57 PM, Feb 22, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- It's great to have all the stuff on our cell phones - facebook, texting, video. The problem is: the more stuff - the shorter the battery life. 

But where we see a problem - researchers at Wake Forest University say "no problem." They've developed technology that converts your body heat into an electrical current. It would create enough juice to make another call simply by touching it.

They call the technology Power Felt. Right now, it's too expensive for the consumer market. But the developers are currently in talks with investors to fine-tune their bright idea. They think someday it could cost only $1 to add to a cell phone cover.

Potential uses for Power Felt include lining automobile seats to boost battery power and service electrical needs, insulating pipes or collecting heat under roof tiles to lower gas or electric bills, lining clothing or sports equipment to monitor performance, or wrapping IV or wound sites to better track patients' medical needs.

Their research appears in the current issue of Nano Letters, a leading journal in nanotechnology.

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