Ferndale Middle School Baseball Team Is Back Together After A Parent Demanded A Re-do Tryout

12:32 AM, Feb 25, 2012   |    comments
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High Point, NC-- It's been a week of striking out for the baseball team at Ferndale Middle School. The longtime coach quit after a parent demanded a second tryout when her son didn't make the team and the principal agreed. But parents and kids stepped up to the plate to get their coach back in their dugout. WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford was there when Coach Angel got his team back.

The first practice of the season was Friday and comes a little later than expected for the 7th and 8th graders at Ferndale. Their 20-year veteran coach is just happy to have his team back.

Howard Martin, a father of one of the players told WFMY how the team had been in limbo for a week. "He's (his son) sitting there and I'm like, I thought you had practice and he's like no, the team has been canceled. He was very upset."

By the looks of practice on Friday, you'd never know that 24 hours before, the kids didn't know if they had a team, let alone a coach. Kenneth Angel quit after a parent demanded a second tryout for her son and the principal agreed. But for the parents, this was about more than baseball.

"Coach Angel's a very special man, he's very dedicated, he's honest and he's real", explained Donna Alwine, mother of a baseball player.

Jim Hess, another parent explains, "It's absolutely crucial that they have the right person that can lead the kids and not only teach them baseball but teach them about life too."

After parents protested with e-mails and phone calls calling for their coaches' return, the district reinstated Angel. Now he's back where he belongs, granting his team their first victory of the season.

Donna Alwine said her son was thrilled. "He found out Coach Angel was going to be back and he said, I didn't want to play ball...now I do."

WFMY asked Coach Angel for an interview but he's not one for the spotlight. He did tell us he was touched by the support from his team and the parents.

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