Greensboro Baby With Rare Muscular Disease Leaves Hospital

11:07 PM, Apr 16, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- A 10-week-old baby, with a rare muscular disease, has moved home.

Logan Forbis was born with Myotubular Myopathy.

The baby, who can't move his muscles, cry, or even swallow, has been in the hospital since he was born.

While there is always a learning curve for new parents Brian and Kathleen Forbis, there are big challenges ahead because Logan is no normal baby.

After ten weeks of doctors and nurses, Brian and Kathleen took charge Monday to care for their infant son on their own.

The dedicated parents are learning to use Logan's feeding tube and a suction machine.

They're also getting comfortable with the gurgling sound Logan makes when he cries, the squeaks he makes when he hiccups, and what's "normal" for a newborn whose muscles are out of his control.

"It's exciting, but it's scary at the same time," said Kathleen Forbis. "Everybody says ya'll are so strong. And it's you do it. You just do it because it's your child. There's no other feeling like it. You just want the best for him and to give him the best."

Kathleen, Brian and Logan have a long road ahead, with so many unknowns.

"It's the little things that are going to be nice, for him to swallow one day or be able to walk or whatever, those are going to be the exciting things," said Brian Forbis.

Logan has started physical therapy once a week.

"He's a strong little guy. He's been through a lot. And probably more than most people could handle at such a young age. So, he really gives us hope that he's going to do good," Kathleen said.

Doctors can't say what Logan's long-term prognosis is. Some babies born with Myotubular Myopathy live a normal life, while others die before their second birthday.

Brian Forbis, a firefighter in Guilford County, plans to return to work on Saturday.

Kathleen Forbis can stay home to take care of Logan until July thanks to co-workers who donated vacation time.

The Alamance Community Fire Department is hosting a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for Logan on May 5, 2012.

That will be held at Alamance Presbyterian Church-Brown Hall from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If you'd like to help the Forbis family, call 336-697-0572.

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