Unexpected Blessing From John Edwards Trial

4:36 PM, Jun 1, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, N.C. - The John Edwards trial may be over, but local people in need will benefit from the trial in an unusual way for months to come.

Why would anyone pay $1,000 a week for parking spaces in downtown Greensboro? The answer: location, location, location. The West Market Street United Methodist church sits right next to the federal courthouse where the John Edwards trial was held.

West Market Street United Methodist Church Senior Minister Rev. David Melton said, "Because of our location here, the trial was going to affect us, regardless of our attitudes or what our response might be."

The church decided to go with it and leased a few parking spaces and a room inside to NBC News.

"$1,000 a week does sound like a lot of money, but a lot of money has been spent here in Greensboro during this trial. I think NBC has gotten a good deal," Rev. Melton said.

Instead of pocketing the money, the church gave away all $7,000 to Greensboro Urban Ministry.

"In a situation that had a lot of negatives, this was a very positive thing that's come out of it," Rev. Mike Aiken, Greensboro Urban Ministry Executive Director said. "It blows my mind a little bit."

Summer is always a tough time for the group because donations usually drop.

"This gives us a shot in the arm at the exact time we really need it," Rev. Aiken said.

Edwards said he hoped to start helping the poor and hungry again. Turns out, he's already doing that.

Greensboro Urban Ministry provides food, shelter, clothing and even financial support for families in need.

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