Nate Summerfield Arrested In Death Of Lynn Jackenheimer

6:20 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Ohio Mom Missing After NC Vacation
Courtesy: CBS News

Ashland, OH-- The estranged boyfriend of an Ashland mom who disappeared and was murdered while on vacation in North Carolina has been taken into custody in Ohio.

Nate Summerfield is currently in the Medina County Jail, after being arrested Wednesday.

U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott says officers captured Summerfield at the Legacy Inn motel just after 9:30 a.m. Offficers said Summerfield offered no resistance and was not armed. He had checked into the motel under a false name.

According to Elliott, Summerfield had been at the motel just one day. It is located just miles from where Summerfield worked. Other than growing a full beard, Summerfield had not changed his appearance. He has made no statement to authorities but officers say he appeared surprised at the time of his arrest.

Elliott says tips have been followed tirelessly since Summerfield disappeared on July 8. While he could not provide further details on the investigation and the tips, Elliott did say that on August 8, police found Summerfield's car on the Michigan-Indiana border. He says it had been there for about three weeks.

It's not known if Summerfield had any help while he was on the run. However, Elliott made perfectly clear that anyone who did offer any assistance will face state and federal charges.

Lynn Jackenheimer disappeared while on a vacation to the Outer Banks with her two children and Summerfield.

On July 8, Summerfield returned with the children but without Jackenheimer. Statements he made to his family at the time indicated Jackenheimer had been murdered.

A search turned up Jackenheimer's body about a week later in Frisco, North Carolina about 20 to 30 miles from where she had been vacationing.

Summerfield will face an extradition hearing next to start the process to send him back to North Carolina to face charges.



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