Magoo The Monkey Starts NC House Fire

12:55 PM, Sep 11, 2008   |    comments
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Hoke County, NC -- Firefighters in eastern NC had quite a surprise when they responded to a house fire on Sunday.

Upon arrival, they noticed Susan Thomas' house was in flames and there was a screaming monkey in the trees.

Often monkeys are used as 'service pets' to help disabled people complete simple tasks like microwaving food, washing a person's face or open drink bottles. A spokesperson for the Pinehill Fire Station says they believe Magoo is just an exotic pet, not a service animal.

The brother of the homeowner thinks that the monkey opened a gas can near a spark.

After the fire started, the owner panicked and took the monkey outside. Thomas was later found passed out in the road.

Thomas and the monkey have been placed in the care of the Red Cross. Not charged are expected to be filed.

WFMY News 2

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